Welcome friends! 

I am so happy to have the opportunity to unveil this project that has consumed me for quite some time.  Re-branding my business has been just as much about my business as it has been about me.  I feel like my brand, meaning my logo, website, and things that you would associate with my business, as well as myself have all gotten a brand new fresh start.  I am so thankful for Lauren of Elle & Co. She worked with me and created the design and website.  She had faith in me and my business and I just can't thank her enough.  I have a whole other blog post that I will be sharing about my experience with the branding process that will come in the very near future! And how about these beautiful pictures?  The main pictures that grace the pages of the new site were taken by none other than my good friend since middle school, Nikki of Nikki Santerre Photography.  I will be blogging about our styled shoot together on Friday!

With a fresh start, I also wanted to do things differently with my business.  One of those things as you can see was to start blogging.  That's right, me the hater of writing blogs now has a blog that she has so many ideas for!  I am literally excited about this new venture!  To start,  I am going to blog 3 days a week, consistently. CONSISTENTLY. I have decided that Mondays are "Hello Monday."  I will introduce everyone to a couple, a bride, a product, the wedding from the weekend, or a wedding vendor that I have worked with or would love to work with.  Wednesdays are "Wife Life Wednesday."  Wednesdays will be all about your home, being a Godly wife, etc.  Just sharing my journey and the journey of some of my friends.  Your wedding day is the first day of being a wife, so why should I only write about weddings and events?  Fridays will be "Finishing Touches Friday."  I will be looking at the little details that make a difference from past weddings or weddings in general.

I am so excited y'all!  I hope that you come along on the journey with me.  We are sure to have fun!

Last but not least... what would a new brand, website, and blog be without a giveaway?!  I am going to choose one lucky person to be the receiver of a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks!  Spend a cold, rainy or snowy winter day  drinking a nice hot cup of white hot chocolate. That's my favorite!  All you have to do is check out my new website and brand and let me know what you liked the best and leave a comment below.  I can't wait to hear your opinion.  Also, spread the word to all of your friends.  If we have enough entries, I will give away two gift cards!  The second giveaway is a monogrammed item from The Monogramming Teacher.  What is more southern than a pretty monogram?!   Winners will be announced on the Finishing Touches Friday blog post!