New Start

Hello friends,

I come to you this evening with a hope and a plan of starting my blog again.  I am not the world's best blogger as you can see.  I often type every last thought that I have and I am inconsistent.  As a teacher I am "off" in the summer but the summer was filled with so many things.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  My little family has gone through many changes in just a short time but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  

Matt lost a job he has had for 8 years in August.  Two weeks later, he got another job doing the same thing, that he likes better with a pay increase!  School began and I love the grade switch that I have made.  I love my children and the year is just going so much nicer than last year.  Since school has started, the busier part of wedding season has also started.  Guess who was unable to create and maintain a routine with school work, wedding work, cleaning, and cooking!??!  You have two choices as to what two things have fallen behind.  I will give you a hint, it is not wedding stuff and it is not teaching stuff.  

I finished up my last wedding for the season this weekend in Maryland.  I have one last wedding next weekend as a part of Team DSE and then my season, (as of right now) will come to a close.  I hope to one day share with you the awesome weddings that I have been able to be a part of recently.

With wedding season dying down, my new aspirations other than getting my 2016 filled with fabulous events is to re-focus on my marriage and family.  I have become a messy roommate that orders take out so I don't have to grocery shop or cook, again.  My waistline is expanding and my wallet is deflating.  With the Holidays coming up and dreary winter, I need get my butt in gear in more areas than one.

My blogging goals are:

One day a week I will delve into Proverbs 31/what it means to be a Christian wife.  This will cover my journey to being the wife that I desire to be for Matt.  Not what he expects from me, but more of what I expect of myself.

One day a week, Write about what I discover on my path to being healthy!

One day a week, yummy new recipes!

These may all be on the same day, or they may be spread out!  

I hope you will join me and help encourage me with blogging goals!