Hello Monday!: Meet Amanda Long

I was going to start today by introducing a business that I love working with.  Then I thought, let me introduce myself so that my readers can get to know me!  Below are random fun facts for you to know about me. Me, not my business, you got to see a lot of that last week! If you would like to know more, leave your question in the comments and I will get back to you!

1. I married Matthew Long on June 1, 2013!  That date also happens to be my papa's birthday and 4 days before mine!

2. Matt proposed after going on a walk through his neighborhood while it was snowing.  We came back to his house and were about to go in.  He pulled me back and I turned around and he was down on one knee.  It was so magical!  


3.  Every time it snows... every. single. time. its snows, I make Matt get down on one knee and propose to me again!  I get to relive that moment a couple times a year if I'm lucky!  He is a good sport about it and puts up with me!

4.  My icicle Christmas lights are currently still up because I am waiting for it to snow the first time because I think they look so pretty in the snow!  I am sure my neighbors just think we are lazy.  Untrue.

5.  I like the snow but I LIVE for SUMMER!!!  I love to spend time in the OBX as well as down at the river!  This spring, Matt and I are taking Scuba Diving Lessons!  I am so excited!!!

6. I love sharks and my husband turned me onto Shark Week.  I believe that Megaladon could potentially be out there alive and well.  My favorite type of shark is a Hammerhead!  They are just so cool.

7.  Every Sunday Matt and I watch Finding Bigfoot.  I've never seen a Sasquatch but think that they could possibly be out there.  It's fun to think so anyway.  If I ever did see one, I'd probably pee my pants and burst into tears from fear.

8. I love to fish.  It is so relaxing for me.  Before I met Matt, I bass fished.  Now we fish for catfish and he even fishes for sharks (we throw all of them back)!  This past summer we went to the Florida Keys and caught Mahi Mahi!  They were delicious!

9. I grew up in Varina and have now returned to my community to teach elementary school.  This is also where my home church is.  It's hard growing up and moving 20 minutes away.  I am so happy to always go back! 

10. I am half Native American from the Haliwa-Saponi tribe in Hollister, NC.  My mother is full-blooded and has BEAUTIFUL skin!  I look like my blonde haired, blue eyed dad.  I am hopeful that the dark genes skipped a generation and that when Matt and I have kids, they will be darker than me!

11. I went to Longwood University for undergraduate as well as graduate school!  Go Lancers!  I am a proud member of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma!


12. I have been planning events since 1st grade.  No, seriously.  The resource teacher would help me to plan surprise parties for my teachers.  Really.  That's when this all began.

13.  I officially began wedding planning following my own wedding.  I realized that day that I should have had someone.  I didn't see any of my family all day long.  Not until we got to the church for the ceremony.  It sucked.  I didn't want others to have to go through what I went through and I love to plan things!

14.  While planning my own wedding I worked as a teacher full time, was in grad school year round part time, I cleaned houses every day after work, I sold Thirty-One, and I bought a house.  I graduated grad school 3 weeks before I got married.  I was strangely pretty calm.  I would not wish it upon anyone, ever.

15. I love to sing and I am pretty good.  My dream was to be a country music singer and I have actually been to Nashville for an audition before when I was 15.  Obviously I didn't get it but it was still a good time.  In high school I was in Show Choir.  I miss it so much!

16. My dad is Santa.  I find it to be slightly annoying January - October.  November and December, I become a Super Star because of it!

What else would you like to know?  Leave a comment below and I will get back to your questions!