Wife Life Wednesday: Snow Day Fun!

The snow came to Richmond, VA and it was the most that we have gotten in a long time.  Temperatures are at record lows and we may be getting more snow this evening!  Schools are closed and yesterday, a rare thing happened.  My husband even had a snow day!  And this morning, he had a delay!  Instead of leaving the house at our normal time of 6:30am, he left at around 10am.

Normally I spend snow days by myself.  I sleep in late, eat cereal, play with the dogs, and get on my boogie board with the fiberglass bottom (yes, the kind meant for the ocean), and go sledding down into my ditch.  Then I come in and clean up stuff or bake, etc.  Since Matt was home yesterday, we got up together and made breakfast.  I've never made pancakes before so he showed me how to make pancakes.  He was the main chef and I was his sous chef!  We made pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, and turkey bacon.  Talk about delicious!  What a great Shrove Tuesday/ Fat Tuesday breakfast.

We watched a little TV, I worked on reaching out to new potential clients as well as tying up loose ends with an upcoming wedding.  It was quite productive for me.  He did a little work on his work laptop while I did that.  We took a break and threw snowballs with the dogs on the back deck.  Our golden babies love the snow.  One had a little too much fun and ended up peeing in his crate later.  womp womp.  

Matt's friend Jay is a farmer and when it snows, he plows the roads for the state instead of farming.  He usually comes through our neighborhood plowing and he scooped some out of our driveway for us.  Not that we were planning on going anywhere, but its always nice knowing the right people!  It helped when Matt had to go to work this morning if nothing else.

Today Matt and I got up and made breakfast together again!  I wish we could do this every morning.  I love to cook with him.  I then sent him on his way, which I just realized, he went to work without a lunch.  Sorry babe!

My goals for this snow day: 

1) Go sledding since Matt wouldn't do it with me yesterday.

2) Reach out to even more potential clients.

3) Tackle this laundry situation that we have going on.

4) Clean out the refrigerator.

5) Make dinner or maybe we will just have leftovers

6)Play some more!

If you have a snow day, how are you spending it?!

Yummy evening treat!

Yummy evening treat!