Finishing Touches Friday: Styled Shoot Craziness

As some of you may know, in the wedding "off" season wedding planners like to get together with other vendors to show off their style, creativity, and to just stay creatively active.  We come up with an idea, get in touch with an awesome photographer and start to pull resources together.  Currently on the books, I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR styled shoots coming up.  Let me tell you how awesome this feels!  AWESOME!! I have so many great ideas!  


A classic Southern Movie is the inspiration for our theme.  We must be crazy for trying to shoot a spring wedding while it is still winter.  It is at an outside location and I am just praying that it won't randomly snow then.  Since it is still winter, we will be bringing in lots of flowers and colors to brighten the place up!  I am so terribly excited for this shoot!  The ideas that I have for the tablescape will be so elegantly southern!  The tablescape is where the majority of the detail will lie.  It is often difficult to come up with enough things to photograph, but with a popping tablescape, this should not be an issue!


I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby!  Not just the horses, but the atmosphere.  This year will mark my second annual Kentucky Derby party!  We go down to the river, all of my girlfriends put on their fanciest summer dresses, hats, and unfortunately flats (high heels and gravel roads don't mix well).  We sit on my deck and drink fancy drinks and listen to the Kentucky Derby on the radio.  We wave as people pass by on their golf carts thinking we are the crazy ones.  This love for the derby and hats has inspired me to create a Kentucky Derby wedding!  The details are still being hatched out but you can expect lots of red, roses, and horses!



This third shoot will be taking place where my friend got married and I am so excited to return!  Think rustic southern charm and you will be right on the money with this shoot.  I am meeting with the awesome photographer on Monday to begin working on all of the details.  I am so excited to meet her and get to know her.  She does a wonderful job and our styles really match up.  It will be wonderful to see what we can accomplish together!


Here is where I am now tapped out and need help.  A guest photographer is coming all the way from sunny South Carolina to capture this styled shoot.  She liked a picture of mine on instagram, I checked out her profile and went to her website.  Her pictures captured exactly the image that I want to portray with my brand and my weddings.  Absolutely beautiful and amazing!  I am so honored that she is willing to work with me and bring her Southern Charm with her!  The only problem is, I can't think of something new and original to design.  Hmm, maybe something near the water but not exactly sea nautical.  


What are your thoughts?  Leave your suggestions below!  If I pick yours, you will be sent a lovely small gift and could possibly join us at the shoot!  What do you have to lose?  Please share with your friends, I would love to get as many great ideas as possible!