Finishing Touches: 3 Favors Guests Will Love

Wedding favors are some of the overlooked pieces to weddings nowadays.  It is pretty much the last part of a wedding reception and often a forgotten piece by the bride and groom.  I read an article recently that said you didn't need to have a favor.  It is all based on opinion.  Some say, "Well I paid for them to have this big party, this should be thanks enough."  I get that.  A lot of times, the favors at weddings are little, cheap items that just get tossed to the side or thrown away once home.  If you do decide to have favors, what are some that people would want to hold on to?


At our wedding, we had a photo booth.  It started once dinner started and from the time they finished setting up until the time that it was time to go, it was packed.  Everyone loved being able to go and take silly pictures with all of the props and they got to keep the pictures at the end of the night.  The best part about that was that Matt and I also got a copy of everyone's pictures on a cd so that we could see all of the fun being had.  I also had the opportunity to get in the booth with a lot of my friends, friends that I wouldn't have had pictures from my photographer otherwise.  It was so much fun!


My dad's uncle got married last year and they gave every household a jar of locally made honey.  The presentation of the honey was very appealing, it was just a very nice gesture.  Honey is great for people with allergies to help lessen the effects.  You can use it instead of sugar in tea.  It was just super nice.  Jam would be the same way.  You can't really put it in tea, but it would be really nice to have fresh jam to spread on toast in the mornings.  The point is, it's something that people could use but it still can be presented nicely.


I agree with Alexandra!  A couple of my friends have given out koozies at their weddings and I still have them and I still use them!  Matt and I collect koozies from different places that we go anyway so having a koozie from the weddings that we have been to help us to reflect on those memories each time we break one out.  A wedding koozie has also led to several discussions and started friendships.  They are pretty awesome!

I want your opinions!  Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!