House Wife Day 3


I am still working on my to do list from yesterday.  That is my goal for today, to finish up what wasn't completed.  Does anyone have tips for laundry?  It is what I absolutely can't stand.  Washing, drying, no problem!  Folding/Hanging, Putting away.  YUCK!  This evening I am going to see if Matt will help me with this process, we both hate it so we may as well both suffer!  

The shower however is looking great!  I saw a new cleaning mix online the other day so when I went to the store I got the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.  You mix 1 cup of the blue dawn and 1 cup of this vinegar heated, place in a spray bottle and voila!  It claims that you have a no scrub solution!  I actually put it in one of the things that you are supposed to use for dishes and scrubbed it anyway.  I still let the chemicals soak into the shower and then came back and rinsed later.  Looks pretty good, especially the shower doors.

Matt came home from work and surprised me with a peach milkshake from Chik-Fil-A!  So yummy and awesome of him!

Last night we went to dinner with mom and dad for Dollar Taco night at Rico's! Yummy!!  Is it sad however that I actually wanted to stay home and cook?  I bought a lot of food on Monday and I am just really excited to try out my new recipes.  Plus I know that not all things will last the full two weeks so I wanted to get some stuff cooked.  Oh, well.  Sometimes you have to realize that family time is more important than working.  We had dinner with mom, dad, and my brother.  While there we saw 3 sets of friends and their families and my mom's sister and brother-in-law, (my aunt and uncle).  We wouldn't have been blessed with seeing everyone if we hadn't gone!

Currently I am motivating myself to drive down to hang out with a friend who has off for the day!  She is going to be my guinea pig to try out Crunchy Jerk Tacos with Watermelon-Mango Salsa!  This recipe is again from my Southern Living!  AND, what I am even more excited about is trying this recipe for Strawberry-Lime Moscato Punch!  I got everything I needed the other day at the store and now I am ready to give it a try!  My hope is that it will be a nice, refreshing drink for a nice, hot southern summer day!


My friend Savanna that I went to middle and high school with, a 27 year old mother of 3 small children has breast cancer.  When she announced this a few weeks ago, my whole world turned upside down.  I balled my eyes out and tried to send comforting and encouraging words.  I hardly ever see Savanna, especially since I no longer work at her daughter's school, but I feel as though we have gotten closer in the past few years than we ever were in school. We keep in touch via text or facebook. I love her updates on her kids, and seeing the projects that she does with them or around her house.  We talk about various topics and support each other in things that we are doing with encouraging words.  

Savanna has breast cancer.  Savanna is 27 and she has breast cancer.  Routine mammograms don't even start until a woman is 40!  Savanna is 27.  I am now 27.  Clearly, breast cancer doesn't care your age, or the fact that you try to eat decent and work out.  It doesn't care.  This just hit way to close to home.  I want to help Savanna in anyway that I can, I'm still trying to figure something out but for now, all I can do is share her story.  Her sister-in-law created a Go Fund Me in her honor.  Please check it out and support if you can! Support Savanna!  And Ladies, start checking now, don't wait until it's too late!  Spread awareness!