House Wife Intermission


Hey y'all!  So I attempted to write a blog post on Friday but I was borrowing a computer and the posting didn't save or post.  Technology, gotta love it!  

Wednesday, Alison and I tried out two recipes!  The skillet jerk chicken with watermelon-mango salsa and the Moscato Punch!  Both were delicious and we actually ended up making two batches of the punch! ;-)  We also realized that I can't read recipes correctly and she just plain doesn't follow them very well.  We have decided however that we had a lot of fun making our recipes and trying them out.  Each week, on her day off, we will be coming together to try out a new recipe and letting everyone know how it turns out!  Exciting!

On Thursday, Terri and I went to Water Country, USA!  We had a great time.  I had never been before but I didn't even try to over do it.  We took our time and didn't worry about if we made it to every single attraction.  We have a season pass, we can go whenever!

Friday began my marathon weekend.  I left home around 7am and drove to D.C. for a venue walk through for my October bride.  It wasn't what we had thought it was going to be but still productive and we realized that we actually have a lot done.  Woohoo!  From there I drove to Matt's aunt's house because it was closer.  Its also nice to be able to have out-of-town family time while on a business mission.  Saturday morning I drove to Elkton, Virginia to assist Dear Sweetheart Events with a wedding.  I learned a lot and was able to contribute a lot, if I can accomplish both of those while working with someone else, I consider that a win!  From there I drove back to Aunt Roxanne's house.  It was super late so no hanging out.  Sunday morning we got up and drove to Fredericksburg to celebrate Father's Day with Matt's dad and whole rest of the family.  We had a nice lunch and then went to see the 40th anniversary showing of Jaws!  It was fun!  From there I drove to Harrisonburg to JMU to begin my week long class for teaching.

This is where I am currently.  It is kind of weird being back in a dorm but I can't complain too much.  The view is beautiful, I am making some nice friends, learning things that I can actually use, and enjoying the overall experience.  My only real complaint is the fact that I nor my roommate slept very well.  We both kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking that it was time to get up.  Never have I ever prayed so hard for my alarm to go off.  Very weird experience and hopefully tonight will be better!

Obviously I am not at home with Matt this week but I am still trying to find ways to show him love while I am gone.  Tomorrow's blog post will be about traveling without your spouse.  This is clearly a short term situation and by no means is it anything compared to what military families go through.  But there will be just small gestures to help make the short term travels better.