3 Ways to Love Your Spouse While You Are Away

Going away from your spouse for a short yet significantly longer than usual amount of time can make you feel several different emotions.  You can be sad, happy, relieved, worried, anxious, etc.  What I have found is, your emotions are often different if you are the one leaving verses the one being left.  When Matt leaves me, I get lonely, I miss him, I think about it a lot, and I can't wait for his return.  When I leave Matt, I get caught up in what I am doing, my purpose for being gone, and I think about reaching out to him when I get a chance and things slow down.  I am sure its the same on his end when he leaves.

You may not realize it in the moment, but sometimes being gone from one another and your normal routine can be a good thing for your marriage. (in increments and not always)  It allows time to miss each other and your longings for one another get stronger because they aren't around.  You are curious about what they are doing and how they have been, sometimes it may provide more to talk about.  It just takes you out of your everyday routine; spices things up!


1.  Leave something at home to either help them with things that you would normally do or little reminders on how to do it.  I left a note of what was readily available to eat in the fridge.  A hint that hey, these things need to be eaten and you don't have to go out to eat every night.  Not pointing any fingers but someone called and told me this morning that the pork chops I've been telling them to eat over and over and over again, now smell yucky and had to be thrown out because they didn't eat them in time like I told them...  But I'm not sure who that could've been...

2.  Leave them notes in random places for them to find at home.  I like to leave Matt notes on our whiteboard on the fridge or on the mirror in our bathroom.  Take a shower before you leave and allow the mirror to fog up.  You can then write a message on the mirror in the steam.  When it dries they won't be able to see it.  When they take a shower themselves, they will be able to see it!

3.  Make time for them during your busy day away to talk to them or send them a picture or text or e-mail to let them know that you are thinking about them.  It can often be unexpected and really perk up their day.  I make sure that I talk to Matt first thing in the morning, at night before bed, and when I am done with class for the day.  We at least communicate 3 times a day.  I or he then throw in an "I love you" text message or "hey, I hope your day is going well" e-mail.  It doesn't have to be a lengthy conversation, just something.

4. Here is an extra, I tried to make sure that Matt had food in the fridge to eat while I was away.  I went to the grocery store last week and made sure that I got enough so that he wouldn't have to go back again this week.  Some things he would have to prepare himself, others I went ahead and cooked and either put in the fridge for eating soon or in the freezer for things that he might could eat a little later in the week.

How do you show love while you are away?  Give your suggestions in the comments below!