Housewife Week 2 All-In-One

I have been out of school for going on the 3rd week but since I was away at JMU last week, I consider this my week 2.  I'm going to be honest, Monday, I was lazy.  I was unmotivated and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  I think I maybe did one load of laundry and its still sitting on my sofa because as you know, I hate to fold.  Oh! Now I remember, I also worked on cutting our jungle, I mean front yard.  I physically can't do the whole thing because we have a terrible hill that goes into the ditch.  The angle is pretty fierce and I fall on my butt every time I attempt to do it.  Matt came home and finished the yard for me.  Oh and I cleaned out the inside of my car!  After being gone for more than a week and then putting the dogs in there as well, I had so much stuff in there and lots of dog hair.  I got everything cleared out and wiped down and smelling fresh.  Wish I could say the same for the outside :-P.

Tuesday and Wednesday were supposed to be for working on my living room and getting it organized and cleaned and pretty.  Remember all of the stuff that I had to take out of my car?  It had to go somewhere and the living room is where it landed.  Tuesday and Wednesday saw a shift in direction on two fronts.

I ended up spending a lot of time with my nannie and papa.  My papa more so. (Back story, Nannie had a stroke almost five years ago and can't walk or talk, so she stays in bed and papa takes care of her and my dad takes care of him but since I'm off for the summer now I have papa "duty" on Tuesdays). I hate going to the grocery store but I am really good at getting good deals on things that you actually need.  I took Papa to Kroger to get his groceries on Tuesday.   I tried to convince him that he didn't need those frozen meals and to at least get some spaghetti stuff that I could make for them.  He did and on Wednesday I came back over.  I was late, I will tell you why later, so I stopped and got Hardee's chicken for lunch and then cooked the spaghetti after lunch to have for dinner.  I left and he made me come back to have dinner with him!  When I went to Target, I got him one of the egg cookers for the microwave.  I brought him some eggs and showed him how to work it.  He thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  I really blew his mind with it.  He has diabetes, he has been eating cookies and peanuts for breakfast.  Do you see the issues with that?  Hopefully he will actually start using the egg cooker. We've already started planning for next week!  I want to take Nannie and Papa to Rico's for taco Tuesday and to Sushi King!  And I'm also going to rent a shampooer and shampoo their carpets.

Papa selecting cookies "for" Nannie.  P.S. he dressed up to come to the store!

Papa selecting cookies "for" Nannie.  P.S. he dressed up to come to the store!

So back to my house... I got paid on Tuesday and decided to go shopping with my friend.  I've been wanting new curtains for the living room and I found some!  I got one set from Marshall's and one set from the Christmas Tree Shop.  Together, they look fantastic and they still block out the light/heat!  It really makes a huge difference in the room.  It created a snowball effect though.  Now the rest of my living room needs to look as awesome as the curtains.  A friend told me she got an area rug from Kroger Marketplace for $25.  So I went and bought 2 rugs and the one matches my curtains pretty exactly.  They were also having a sidewalk sale, so of course I couldn't resist.  After hanging out with papa I started tackling the living room and decided that Matt needed an organization system for his game console stuff.  So I bought one at Target and put it together last night.  After I had it in place next to the TV, I decided it didn't look right and I need another one for the other side.  The openings are much smaller than I had hoped but hopefully it will work to hide his things.

That brings me to today.  Terri, Amanda, and I were going to go to Water Country today.  Since the weather is iffy, we decided to shop and craft today.  My goals are listed below!

  1. Get all of the junk that isn't supposed to be in the living room out! (mostly clothes and things I brought home from school)
  2. Get the laundry put away.
  3. Do some more laundry.
  4. Buy another shelf unit and the little boxes to go in it and put all of Matt's things in them.
  5. Vacuum and mop the living room floor.
  6. Put down the new rug!
  7. Check out what kind of decor Cracker Barrel and the Christmas Tree Shop may have.
  8. Load the dishwasher and unload it later.
  9. Pack for a weekend at the rivah!
  10. Craft with Terri!