Changing Your Name

I have been on quite the hiatus.  It wasn't intentional but it wasn't good for the integrity of my blog either.  For that, I do apologize.  The main reason for my absence is because, I've been WORKING my little tail off!  Not anywhere but in my home and well for weddings too :-)  

Soon I will be showing before and afters of the fruits of my labor.  I'm a little ashamed of the befores but the afters totally make up for it.  Much of my redecorating has been halted because I ran out of funds to buy pretty things! My tasks have been focused on organizing and decluttering.  After that, maintaining.  I don't know what is worse, the actual process or the maintaining.  Matt loves the results but hasn't been the best at helping me to maintain, hopefully as time goes on, he too will get into a routine of helping me.  I still have two rooms in my house left to tackle and then the linen closet!


This past weekend, I had the chance to work with a lovely couple and their families.  I wish all families could be as awesome as theirs were.  They are just really wonderful.  

The bride Caty was very adamant that she was not changing her name because she liked her name just how it was .  I overheard a conversation that Caty was having with someone else and that someone else said, "What do you mean you aren't changing your name?  You have to!"  Caty proudly said, "No I don't."

Caty made up her mind and she was ready to defend her decision.  A lot of things of the wedding process had left her indecisive and confused, however, not changing her name had never been one of those things.

I was more of a traditional bride and my husband really wanted me to change my name so that people knew that I was his.  I never questioned changing my name, I always knew that I was going to do it.  I wanted to be Mrs. Long, and when we have kids, I wanted my name to be the same as theirs.  That was my decision, that's what I liked.  

The decision to change your name or not change your name is a very personal one.  When you are in legal limbo (in the process of changing your name), you may go through an identity crisis.  I did.  I would hope that it is totally normal.  For 25 years I was Amanda Diane Gibson.  Some people called me by my last name.  I got a new job in the midst of changing my name.  I had changed it with SSA (this place is worse than DMV) but I did not have any proof yet.  My new job asked me my name and I said, "I don't really know what my name is."  Can you imagine the looks on their faces?!  I explained to them what was going on and then they understood.

Something that you do have to realize and not get up in arms over is even if you decide not to change your name, you are still Mrs. so and so.  You may be Sally Shumaker and Marcus White but together you are the Whites and you are Mrs. Marcus White.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy and is what you want.  When someone tells you that you can't or you have to, the simple answer is "No."  Be strong in your decision but also, make sure you talk with your future spouse about it.  You wouldn't want to hurt his feelings either.