For the millionth time, I am back!

Hey 'all!

School is out for summer, finally.  This week is my first official week at home as a housewife.  I will use this term often because I adore it and wish I could be a housewife all year.  I'm terrible at house things and I desperately want to be good.  I believe that this is something that comes with practice.  And I don't get enough time to practice!  As always, Matt puts up with me and keeps his complaining to a minimum.  This summer I want to REALLY, REALLY get good at it and get my house in amazing working order so that come fall, I will be in a good routine and able to just maintain.  Pray for me y'all!  I don't know how this getting back into blogging is going to work out but bare with me and we shall see!  Now for today's real post!

Saving Money Isn't Always As Important As Saving Time

You would think that with being at home and all of the million projects that I have going on in my head and all of my Pinterest boards, I would find ways to save money in everything that I do or want to do.  I have a stack of wooden pallets in my backyard that are going to allow me to make crazy awesome things for a fraction of the cost of something else that is new.  I have a new garden that is going to make so many tomatoes that I am never going to have to buy another one for all season.  (BTW: the fruits of my labor won't even be ready until mid/late-July.)  Matt and I ARE trying to save money and I am creating a little "homestead" in our yard. BUT, some things are worth paying someone else to do!

We have decided to get someone else to cut our grass and probably more than likely, on a regular basis.  I'm home all day, I could do it.  But you know what, it is more trouble than it is worth to me.  We have a large ditch in the front and a ditch that goes down the entire side.  I fall (I'm too short to maneuver it) every time I attempt to cut either one and one of these days that lawn mower is going to mow me down.  Not worth it.  I've also acquired stupid allergies so cutting the grass would be no fun for my breathing!  Sure, Matt could do it when he gets home in the evenings but why?  After working all day long, sometimes in the heat or in a place that doesn't have A/C yet, the last thing he wants to come home and do is stand in the ditch with a lawn mower.  The weekends are either for weddings or for relaxing and having fun at the river.  Spending quality time with my husband when I didn't have as much time during the school year is worth a few dollars a week to me.  If I grocery shop at Aldi or get good deals at Kroger and cook at home, there is the money that we need to pay someone else to cut the grass instead of going out to eat.  We can also focus on that garden that we started that needs to be weeded instead of pushing the lawn.  It is at least something that we can both enjoy together and that is what is important!

Do yourself a favor, find one thing that you can pay someone else to do that will free up a few hours every week to spend with your family.  Or heck, try the barter system and see what you can exchange!  20 years from now, no one is going to remember how awesome you were to cut the grass every week.  They are going to remember the time that you spent doing things with them, making memories!