House Wife Day 2

So yesterday was a huge success in more ways than one!  I got a lot of stuff on my to do list completed plus some and I had a lot of people check my blog out and be interested in it!  In addition to those things, I also found a topic to branch out into for today's blog.  Before I get into the topic for today and my to do list for today, here is a re-cap from yesterday!

What I did from my to do list:

1) wash, dry, fold, put away laundry. (I washed towels and they are still in the dryer.)

2)Clean out the fridge and "pantry".  Not only removing not so edible food but also wiping the fridge down, inside and out.  And putting baking soda in to keep everything fresh! (I forgot baking soda and I didn't wipe the fridge down yet but I did clean out the old food!)

3) With cleaning out the fridge, I also need to go to the grocery store to restock the fridge. (CHECK!  I probably am done for the remainder of the month!  I got a lot of great things for meals! I may have to buy a few small things that will be used/go bad quicker)

4) Scrub down the master bath.  (I took the towels down)

5) Take out the trash (CHECK!)

6) Cook dinner, breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  (CHECK! Except for breakfast, that did not get done)

6)At some point, find my way to the gym to workout. (This did not happen but will today!)

You may look at this and be like, how do you consider this productive?!  Well I got really excited about certain things and then did extra!  

1) I unloaded the dishwasher, unloaded the sink into the dishwasher and washed a load.  This morning I will unload and load again because I cooked a lot yesterday.

2) I found some really great recipes in my Southern Living magazine and one online that I just had to make.  For dinner we had a salad with skillet pork chops with saute'ed peaches and it was delicious! I even cooked the remaining pork chops so I don't have to prepare something another night. I also made a key lime pie (Matt's & my favorite) that was really refreshing AND I made a chicken salad for Matt's lunch today using avocado which he loves!  I can't wait to find out how he liked it.  I feel as though I went above and beyond with the food department!  I also kind of made a menu for the week and he will still have things that are quick for next week when I am not here.

Skillet Pork Chops with Saute'ed Peaches

Skillet Pork Chops with Saute'ed Peaches


I am sure that by now you have heard of "mom shaming".   Moms bash other moms because they don't breastfeed or they do breastfeed or they don't use reusable diapers or they co-sleep, etc.  Moms judging other moms because they don't do things the same way that they do them.  Well I feel that it is in a woman's nature to compare themselves to other women.  It's natural, it can be negative, but it doesn't have to be.  Comparing yourself to someone else could be a great motivator to try and do better.  When you compare yourself and then put that person or yourself down, that is when it becomes a problem.

My husband and I both work very hard and sometimes very long hours.  Walk into our house and you know that something is going on.  I am very organized with data, timelines, schedules, other people's things, but physical things that are of my own, I am disorganized.  For weddings I have everything labeled, boxed up in a certain way, with floor charts, etc.  In my personal life, not so much.  In my personal life organization is something that I have to work at.  This is part of my summer project, to get things in order now, so when hectic times come, its not so hard for me.  

Matt has been very patient and understanding with me working two jobs.  I am now off for the summer whereas he is still working and gone from the house around 10 hours a day on average.  He has not made me a to do list, I have.  These are things that I want to get done, that need to get done.  Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and had a lot of things that had gone bad that got thrown away.  I was not going to wait 7 hours when Matt got home at 5pm to get him to take out the trash from where I cleaned the fridge out.  If that had happened, the house probably would have smelled and I am sure that something would have leaked out onto the floor causing more work for me than just simply taking the trash out in the morning would have caused.  

We are a team, but it is the summer and I want to get more things done during the day while he is gone so that when he gets home we can spend time together instead of time working on something.

Last year, Matt's friend's wife stayed at home with their baby until she turned one.  As a newlywed who had to work I would get so jealous of this girl.  She would have the house spotless, dinner on the table when he walked in the door, his lunches were made, she would make little desserts and his friend would share them with Matt at work.  Matt would come home and say well this is what she did, etc., etc.  I would get so mad with her and I didn't even know her.  I was jealous.  I wife-shamed myself.  Finally, I ended up talking to her about it and she said that if she wasn't a stay at home mom, these things wouldn't be happening.  I had to understand that and I had to get Matt to understand that.  Nearly two years later, she has been back to work for almost a year and those things that I was so jealous of are now few and far between.  Her house still is always clean because that is just her, she is always cleaning but the extras don't happen every day.  And we are friends!

The point is, just because I have taken it upon myself to serve my husband in this capacity this summer, doesn't mean that you are any less of a wife or that I am being taken advantage of.  It is my choice, it benefits me, and Matt is loving it!  We don't have children, I can cater to him a little. 


1) Do more laundry and actually complete the cycle of folding/hanging and putting away.

2)Unload and load the dishwasher so that everything is clean.  No major cooking today, mom and dad are taking us out!

3)De-clutter the kitchen and wipe down appliances and counters

4)Scrub the master bath (its going to keep being on the list until it gets done!)

5)Make the breakfast muffins so Matt can grab, heat, and go! I enjoy cereal in the summer!

6)Gym time!

7)Start packing.  Tomorrow I am hanging out with the cool chick from my story above, Thursday I am going to water country with a friend and Friday I leave to go out of town for a week!