House Wife Day 1

Hey y'all!!!  As you may know, I am a teacher full time and a wedding planner part-time.  This school year was just pretty awful.  I did learn a lot so it wasn't a waste but it was just challenging in every possible way.  I will be moving to a lower grade in the fall and I am super excited about it!

What I am more excited about however is that summer is finally here!!!  Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year!  I have been waiting for summer to come since about March, for more reasons that just one.  I am just so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be the wife like I should/want to be.  Before you give me a hard time about the should in that statement, I haven't been fulfilling my role as a wife.  I feel like I've been more of a roommate, a bad roommate, who just comes and goes and doesn't contribute to the household because they are never home and when they are, they are just too tired or they brought work home with them.  That's what I have been for the past 9 months.  10 hour work days and then bring work home.  For fun, I work on wedding stuff for everyone.  To Matt, its still me working.  I try my best to make sure that school and weddings do not conflict with each other and my husband has paid the price for that.

On Friday I painted my nails and toes, I dyed my hair just a little lighter, blow dried and straightened my hair, and put on make-up!

After working a fabulous wedding this past weekend in Charlottesville, working under the DSE team, I am counting today as the first official day of my summer.  

My to do list for the day is as follows:

1) wash, dry, fold, put away laundry.  That fold and put away part is what I loathe!  So our clothes and things have been finding their place on the sofa in a pile.  

2)Clean out the fridge and "pantry".  Not only removing not so edible food but also wiping the fridge down, inside and out.  And putting baking soda in to keep everything fresh!

3) With cleaning out the fridge, I also need to go to the grocery store to restock the fridge.  I will be gone next week for a class so I need to make sure that Matt has healthy, decent meals instead of going out every night with his friend like I am sure will happen.

4) Scrub down the master bath.  It just needs some TLC

5) Take out the trash

6) Cook dinner, breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  The plan is that dinner tonight will be Matt's lunch for tomorrow.  But there is no telling where he will be working so he may not have access to a microwave so plan B is a sandwich.

6)At some point, find my way to the gym to workout.  

I want to get all of this done before Matt gets home from work so that we have the evening to spend together!

My goal for the summer is to establish a routine and get my house in order so that when my busy wedding season gears up again and school starts, Matt and I  will still be able to maintain everything together!  He has been pretty understanding and helps out when he can but his work schedule has been very sporadic.  With a routine in place, even if something comes up, things will still be manageable!  

This blog isn't just about beautiful weddings, its also about making this marriage thing work.  I am thankful to have an avenue to share my journey with you!