Love is Patient

I am sure that many of you have heard of "The Love Dare" by the Kendrick brothers.  I've attempted to do it several times, before and after Matt and I got married.  I have never been able to finish it or to get very far really.  2 weeks in and I crap out.  

On my path to being a better wife, I have decided to give it another go and actually make an effort to complete it but then more importantly, to keep the changes made over the next 40 days even after the "dare" is done.  Here goes nothing...

DAY 1 Love is Patient

The dare for today is to "demonstrate patience and to say nothing negative to your spouse at all."  I have just read this this afternoon, but I believe that I have done well for today... so far.

The passage says that patience is not something that comes naturally to us, it's something that we have to work at having.  Often, we have patience with others but when it comes to our spouse, our patience is thin and our fuse is short.  Isn't it funny how the person that we love the most and that loves us the most gets the worst from us?  I am so guilty of this, just ask Matt.  Over the past week, I've been consciously trying to get better at this, but it is a human struggle that everyone faces, sometimes on a daily basis.

Final thought for the day.  Have patience with those that you love.  Give them some slack and allow them to be human.  If you catch yourself getting impatient, stop what you are doing and breathe.  Evaluate the situation with a calm head.  Is it really worth getting all worked up over, or will it pass by shortly, soon to be forgotten?

Show your significant other love by granting them patience.